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XC, paired to the essence.

XX SL Eagle Transmission is for riders who demand more out of themselves, and their machine. Because power to weight is everything when flying off the line. Precise shifts under load, unprecedented strength, race-winning weight savings. XX SL leaves nothing left to desire, and nothing left to chance.

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Race with full power. During every shift.

Not only is full power output during a shift now a reality, the harder you pedal, the better it shifts. Eagle Transmission’s cassette map fully engages the chain on the release and receiving cog, during the shift process, for a constant, interruption free application of your power. There’s no quicker way to the finish line. 

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Seismic shifts.

Say goodbye to anticipatory shifts where the terrain forces your hand. Eagle Transmission gives you the power to shift when and how you want. For the first time, you can pedal at full output while you shift – inboard or outboard. Cassette Mapping provides precise shift points while X-Sync tooth profiles maximize chain engagement, so no effort is wasted in the system to translate yours into one thing – propulsion.

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Tip the scales in your favor.

The lightest Eagle cassette ever – a massive 520% gear ratio at a scant 350 grams. Spider Cog realizes the biggest weight savings possible with its all-aluminum construction for the largest three sprockets. The entire cassette is finished with an exceptionally durable Hard Chrome, because what good is lightweight if it doesn’t last, race after race?

A little extra magic.

Magic Wheel won’t jam or bind because its outer ring rotates freely from the inner spoked hub. So you can keep laying down the power, even if a rogue stick in your derailleur tries to end your race.

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Accuracy, down to 1.5%

You have to know your numbers to show up ready on race day. XX SL Eagle Transmission’s sleek power meter is our most high-performing and most accurate. The new spider-based design sheds weight by seamlessly integrating our lightest carbon crankset with Quarq’s proven dual-sided power measurement. As you ride, MagicZero automatically recalibrates to ensure you can always rely on the numbers streaming to your bike computer, for a complete picture of your performance across all your AXS components.

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A new legacy.

Things happen fast when you’re racing. When 9-time World Champ Nino Schurter had a washout crash during the 2022 World Championship race, his BlackBox XX SL Eagle Transmission rear derailleur took the full brunt as it slammed into the dirt. But Nino didn’t watch the lead get away, he remounted and sprinted back into the race. You know the rest, Nino nabbed his record 10th world title in signature style – never needing to pit, try doing that on anything other than Eagle Transmission.