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SRAM fundamentally believes that:

  • Bicycles improve the environment.
  • Bicycles ease traffic congestion.
  • Bicycles reduce the cost of transportation.
  • Bicycles improve health and reduce obesity.

Cyclists are a passionate user group that support and enhance the areas in which they ride.

SRAM’s products promote sustainability – they empower people to transport themselves and their families at low cost, to stay healthy, and to reduce pollution and improve community by reducing the use of fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

SRAM is proud to deliver quality, exciting, sustainable products to its customers, but our obligation to social responsibility does not start and end with our products. We are also committed to improving our business practices to increase our positive impact on our employees, the people in our communities and those far away, and our planet itself.


To hold to our vision of being an exciting company, we must attract and retain the best employees and reward them with increasing opportunities and a great work environment. We are committed to meeting all labor regulations and ensuring our facilities and supply chain are free from forced labor, child labor, discrimination, abuse and harassment and that the people that support our business are given appropriate compensation, benefits, working hours, and a safe working environment that follows at minimum the local regulations where work is performed.


The SRAM Cycling Fund is a multimillion dollar commitment to improving cycling infrastructure in SRAM’s local communities and around the world. By supporting existing efforts through groups like People for Bikes and Safe Routes to School, we are investing in the health of our local communities and creating a better infrastructure system for the people that use our products. The SRAM Cycling Fund’s mission is: To support committed national advocacy efforts that enhance cycling infrastructure, safety, and access.

In addition to financial resources, several of our employees serve in board of directors positions on cycling organizations that promote advocacy in our communities.


World Bicycle Relief is dedicated to providing access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles. The organization has provided over 100,000 bicycles to empower students, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs in areas of need. Founded by SRAM in 2005, WBR is an independent 501c-3 that is continually evolving to improve access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunity.