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This is Yannick 

Yannick lives on the French Riviera, Nice to be exact. It is a city famous for many things. It’s the gateway to Monaco, a cultural hub, a beachgoer's paradise and one of the most picturesque places in the French Riviera He lives right in the city, nestled amidst the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life, surrounded by some of France's finest cuisine. The culture of the city offers inspiration and variety, but the hills surrounding the city offer something else. The surrounding hills are home to some of the regions best trails.

yannick pontal

With an E-MTB, you can access these areas in a matter of minutes. These trails are old, mountain bike racers have been riding and training here since the 80’s. It’s one of the best places in Europe to develop your skills and push your bike to it's limits. Yannick is a racer, but he’s also a tinkerer. In addition chasing time on the clock he loves exploring different setups, swapping parts, adjusting suspension, and getting lost in the bike. That’s what makes him such a great test pilot. 

Yannick tinker eagle powertrain
Yannick Blackbox
yannick overlooking Nice

From a young age Yannick was drawn to racing, no matter the discipline. Competing in cyclocross, cross-country, enduro and downhill, all he wanted was to spend time on his bike. These days he’s focused on putting his time into developing E-MTB with the BlackBox Test Pilot Program. His hand in the development of the Eagle Powertrain system was essential as his racing delivered the real-time proof of concept needed to validate the system's performance. By meticulously working through the variables, his racecraft helped to contribute to an E-MTB system that worked for both everyday riders and the highest levels of racing.

yannick in the rut
yannick climbing eagle powertrain

Yannick’s commitment to pushing the boundaries as a racer and product developer landed him the 2022 E-EWS overall title, proving the system and shaping the future of E-MTB. The hills of France shaped the riding, his dedication shaped his success and the combination made him a champion, but for now Yannick will once again set his sights on the future and refining what comes next. 

yannicks medals