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MagicZero is a new algorithm from Quarq that automatically sets the zero-offset of your power meter as you ride. The goal of MagicZero is to let the riders forget that power meter Zero-offsets even exist. Zero-offset management by the user is an unneeded complexity that can be solved with thoughtful engineering.

MagicZero: Learning As You Ride

MagicZero works by continuously monitoring the torque signals from the strain gages as you ride. When the torque signals meet specific criteria for a period of time, a torque snapshot is recorded. Over time, these snapshots accumulate. When enough snapshots within a given tolerance are collected, then a new Zero-offset is computed and set in the power meter.

MagicZero allows the Zero-offset to be automatically managed by the power meter without any specific user actions. Typically, the MagicZero measurements occur when the bike is stationary, coasting, or slowly backpedaling. But as noted above, the criteria is designed to reject snapshots incongruent with recent observations. The MagicZero algorithm is intended to be continuously operating and reaching stable convergence on the correct Zero-offset. If at any point a misleading Zero-offset is applied, the algorithm is designed to self-correct without user intervention.

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Powering Rides For Any Condition

MagicZero was developed over thousands of riding miles, in all kinds of disciplines; from Road to Gravel to Mountain Bike to Fat Bikes, going from 70°F houses to -4° South Dakota winters. We are not aware of any specific environments where MagicZero is inappropriate for use. However, it is still possible to turn off MagicZero and only use Manual Zero from the head unit. To do this, turn off AutoZero on your power meter from the SRAM AXS App.

MagicZero is a feature of Firmware 10 and is available via the SRAM AXS App for all DZero power meters.

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