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With the increase of online shopping, there has also been a rise in fake websites that advertise products that you are interested in at very low prices.  These websites exist only to deceive people and take their money.  We care deeply about the security of our customers as well as the integrity of our products and brands.


What to Look For

The offer is too good to be true

When you see SRAM products at very low prices with ridiculous discounts, you should be suspicious.  If prices seem too good to be true than they probably are.  Do not give them your money or any personal information.

Check the Domain Name

A lot of fraudulent websites will use a domain name that references our brand names such as SRAM or RockShox but includes additional words such “outlet” or “sale.”  For example, website domains such as www.sramoutlet.com or www.bikerockshox.com should raise suspicions. 

The Contact Information is suspicious

Check the accuracy of the “Contact Info”.  For example, check if the phone number is a working number or if the address is correct.

The site is relatively new

You can check to see how long a website has existed by entering it into archive.org. If the site is brand new and offering steep discounts, do not purchase anything from them.


If you feel you have been a victim of a fake website

If you feel as though you may have been given your personal information to a fraudulent website, call your bank or credit card company.  Unfortunately, there is little SRAM can do if you have given money or information to a fake website. 


Report Fake Websites

If you suspect a website is fake, please report it to [email protected]