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Go for the better ride.

Go for Eagle Powertrain. The complete, seamless and holistic system designed to turn on uninterrupted flow. Eagle Powertrain is inspired innovation, radical simplicity, unmatched integration with Eagle Transmission, clean and simple rider control, and AXS enabled personalization. Go for power applied properly. Go for fun. Go for the most natural ride experience ever.

Go for unbelievable ease.

Eagle Powertrain forever changes what we will expect out of bike technology. Holistically engineered to eliminate distractions and amplify the fun. Made to prove that easy is right.


Full Power. Fully in your control.

The Eagle Powertrain power tune applies natural feeling, traction generating, technical move completing, controllable power to the rear wheel. Developed and proven with BlackBox athletes and profiled to work in concert with how real riders, like you, actually pedal. The Powertrain algorithm applies the power wanted, precisely when needed.

Only possible with Eagle.

With Eagle Transmission the harder you pedal, the better it shifts. Nowhere is this more apparent than when paired with Eagle Powertrain. Now, you can always be in the right gear, seamlessly blending the performance and longevity of Eagle Powertrain and Transmission systems. Eagle Powertrain recognizes your power, the power tune, and the entire system – to maximize efficiency. At all times.

Two ways to get the most.

Where others give you unnecessary power modes and confusing names, Eagle Powertrain uses just two.

With the touch of a Pod button, toggle to Range Mode for longer routes, easier terrain or when conserving power is a good move. Toggle to Rally Mode for shorter rides or whenever you want access to the full capabilities of full power. Keep it simple.

Go for seamless integration.

An elegant system that works together.

The Eagle Powertrain AXS Bridge Display is the sophisticated nerve center of the entire system, giving you a control unit that greatly simplifies the experience. Think of it as an onboard extension of the AXS app, providing everything you need to know in a brilliantly illuminated, full color, waterproof display, protected under gorilla glass.

Total. Pod. Control.

The versatility of AXS Pod Controllers lets you assign all powertrain rider commands – without the need to compromise the bar with the clutter of additional remotes and bar mounted displays. What’s left? The ultra-clean and intelligent wireless cockpit, indicative of any Eagle AXS system.

Go for feeling super. And human.

Eagle Powertrain feels like a natural extension of you. Super you.

Eagle Powertrain gives you a "super-human" experience. One where you feel "super", thanks to the unique power-tune and its innovative battery. But it's also one where you feel "human", thanks to how all that power is applied.
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Auto shifts. When you want.

What could feel more natural than not having to think about shifting while you ride? Eagle Powertrain Auto Shift is a feat of German engineering that senses and translates rider input with the Powertrain algorithm to deliver an incredibly intuitive experience. Planning an attack or simply want to override the system? Auto Shift seamlessly accepts rider commands, to be ready for your next move.


Shift while coasting.

Eagle Powertrain Coast Shift allows the chainring to move freely from the cranks, letting you shift while coasting. Why? Opening the possibilities of shift anywhere performance (whether pedaling or not) puts you in total control, even when the terrain ahead isn’t favorable for pedaling.

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Go for personalized control.

AXS also makes the truly personal possible. Eagle Powertrain has you custom covered with a level of personalization like no other – thanks again to what nobody else has: the capability of a fully integrated AXS ecosystem.

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Power, in the palm of your hand.

The Eagle Powertrain AXS app makes the off-bike experience as rich as the on-bike experience. From customizing drive unit power output to simply checking battery life while off the bike, the AXS app lets you view and fine-tune a host of features, right from your phone. Plus, it lets you receive system notifications and maintenance reminders too.

Push your buttons.

Layout your cockpit exactly as you desire – AXS makes it possible to assign Pod buttons. Toggle between Range and Rally modes. Control your Reverb AXS dropper post. Press and hold to multi shift Eagle Transmission. AXS control, encompasses everything.

Spin to win or crank it out? Both.

Why spoil the flow to improve the flow? Fine tune the feel of Eagle Powertrain Auto Shift's features for terrain or how you’re feeling, simply adjust pedal speed on the fly from the AXS Pod button of your choice.

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Go for the win.

Born from BlackBox.

Racing with Eagle Powertrain, Yannick Pontal (BlackBox Test Pilot Program) became the overall reigning champion of the 2022 EWS-E series. While this result is impressive, it’s the result of the shortest feedback loop between our engineers and athletes keeping all aspects of development inspired, letting the innovations continue. Cloaked by the Blackbox wing, but exactly like the Eagle Powertrain system available today.


Born from Blackbox

Go for the ride.

Eagle Powertrain is ready to ride. Get out on an Eagle Powertrain bike today from some of the world’s most innovative and exciting brands.