Quality and durability combine in the SRAM X1 crankset to deliver consistent performance every time out. Featuring options for both SRAM's XSYNC™ and EAGLE™ technology tooth profiles, the X1 crankset is engineered for complete chain control. With multiple chainring options available, you can personalize your gear range to match the way you ride. DUB™ technology features a better-engineered bottom bracket and a new spindle design. Together, these allow for a more uniform approach to bottom bracket fitment, better sealing against contamination and forward and backward compatibility. Now everyone can benefit from a new measure of durability.

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Kurbelarmlänge 170mm, 175mm
Innnenlagerwellen-Schnittstelle DUB
Innenlager Kompatibilität DUB BSA73,DUB PF89.5,DUB PF92,DUB PF30 MTB73,DUB BB30 MTB73
Gänge 11/12
Kettenblattmaterial Aluminum
Lochkreisdurchmesser (LKD) Direct Mount (DM)
Kettenlinie 49.0mm, 52.0mm
Kettenblattgröße 30, 32, 34