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Unlike a dirt-bike, the new Monarch Plus rear shock has no rev-limiter. Because with its fusion of the Monarch’s exemplary light weight with an all-new Solo Air system, and a damper design similar to the Vivid Air, the Plus will have you bombing all-mountain trails like it was born to downhill. In other words, you’re going to need some serious stopping power to slow this freight train down. So it might be time to look at some four-piston brakes for your steed.

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Identifiant du modèle




Axe - axe/Débattement 200x57, 216x63, 200x51, 190x51, 194x46, 195x51, 197x48, 210x60, 216x57
Personnalisation de la détente M, L
Personnalisation de la compression M, L
Force de vérouillage n/a
Composant piston Standard, Trek Mount
Visserie amortisseur Standard, Shock Block
Type d'amortissement n/a
Weight (g) 355
Weight Based On 216x63, standard air can, no hardware


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Monarch Plus RC3