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If a ShockWiz firmware update fails or stalls while updating, the ShockWiz device (hardware) will appear unresponsive. The LED will NOT flash and the ShockWiz app will be unable to detect the device in the normal manner. To correct this issue follow the procedure set out below.

First, perform a reboot. Remove the battery and lid, then install battery upside down for 5 seconds (positive side of battery facing the circuit board). Re-install the battery correctly (positive side of battery facing AWAY from circuit board). When this is done, move on to the next steps.

**The LED will NOT begin flashing with the battery re-installed – this is normal.

  • 1: Open the ShockWiz app but do not connect the device.
  • 2: From the settings page, select "Update Firmware"
  • 3: Select "Search For Device"
  • 4: Your device will appear in the “Connect to” list. Select the device to connect.
  • 5: Once the ShockWiz app connects to the ShockWiz device the firmware update will begin automatically. Do not let the screen on your phone or tablet lock during the update!
  • 6: Once the update has reached 100%, the update is complete and the message below will appear. Select “Done” to exit.
  • 7: Navigate to the Home screen and select “Connect” to connect to the ShockWiz device.