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Find The Best Pedals For Your Ride

TIME Pedals enhance comfort and performance for all riders, no matter the cycling discipline. This guide provides information to select the best TIME pedal for you, no matter your budget, experience, or riding style. TIME pedals are easy to use, lightweight, and highly adjustable. We make pedals for recreational riders to world-class athletes across Road, MTB, Gravel, and Recreation. All of our pedals include key innovations such as ICLIC for road and ATAC for MTB. Cleats included with every pedal purchase. From that high standard, TIME offers a pedal for every rider.

TIME Sport Pedal Matrix
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TIME Pedals are rooted in cycling passion and innovation. Legends of the road helped make TIME an iconic road brand that still excels today. TIME’s XPRO lineup has the features roads demand: ICLIC tech for easy clip-in, adjustable tension, and low stack height. New riders and seasoned pros alike will find a model that fits their needs and budget. TIME road pedals also are ideal for indoor/studio cycling.

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TIME’s XC pedals help you hit the trail with confidence. Our lineup of cross-country pedals offers lightweight, durable options for beginners and pros alike. Pedals are easy to clip into with our double-entry design and are self-cleaning. Adjustable tension helps you fine-tune your ride. Our XC pedals are equally ideal for gravel and cyclocross.

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When you hit single-track, you want a pedal that makes you feel like you’re part of your bike. TIME’s lineup of lightweight and durable MX trail pedals is ready for your MTB adventure. MX pedals provide easy cleat engagement, release-angle options and are self-cleaning so you can clip in no matter the mud. Our SPECIALE 12 is our pinnacle of trail performance.

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When your passion is to go downhill fast, you need a pedal that’s as strong as your fortitude for speed. TIME Enduro and Gravity pedals are great looking and performing with a super-strong aluminum body and TIME proprietary tech for Easy engagement and performance in all conditions. Our SPECIALE 12 is ideal for Enduro.

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TIME’s LINK pedal is ideal for the urban cyclist looking for performance. The dual-sided LINK urban pedal features a flat platform on one side and the ATAC clipless system on the other. This gives you the benefit of two systems in one pedal, making it perfect for your regular commute while also providing the opportunity to clip in with your favorite cycling shoe for extra pedal efficiency on longer trips.

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TIME pedals enhance indoor riding, whether on your road bike or studio bike. TIME’s XPRESSO and XPRO lineups have the features to let indoor riders focus solely on their workout: ICLIC tech for easy clip-in, adjustable tension, and a wide pedal platform.

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