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Find The Best Pedals For Your Ride

TIME Pedals enhance comfort and performance for all riders, no matter the cycling discipline. This guide provides information to select the best TIME pedal for you, no matter your budget, experience, or riding style. TIME pedals are easy to use, lightweight, and highly adjustable. We make pedals for recreational riders to world-class athletes across Road, MTB, Gravel, and Recreation. All of our pedals include key innovations such as ICLIC for road and ATAC for MTB. Cleats included with every pedal purchase. From that high standard, TIME offers a pedal for every rider.

TIME Sport Pedal Matrix


TIME’s XPRO pedals are the choice of our road pros. These pedals are among the lightest on the market. The pedal’s wide platform creates an efficient structure to transfer watts from your legs to the road. ICLIC technology provides high security and adjustability to prevent injuries. TIME XPRO pedals also offer three spindle length options to give the riders more ergonomic options.



TIME’s XPRESSO series are lightweight and dependable at a great value. The pedals are light, highly adjustable, and feature ICLIC technology for easy clip in.

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ICLIC Technology makes clipping off the starting line or off the stop light easy. Our patented pre-opened pedal engagement system allows easy, secure engagement every time.



Chart showing ICLIC Cleat specifications


TIME’s SPECIALE series excels in your gnarliest downhill, Enduro, and trail situations with a colorful and standout appearance that matches its technical excellence. The premium SPECIALE 12 and the SPECIALE 10 are available in two sizes: Large (69x90mm) for downhill and Enduro or Small (64x80mm) for trail or Enduro. TIME’s renowned ATAC design for easy entry and mud clearance.



The magic of these pedals is in their name, ATAC, our technology that allows for a wide angle for step-in, natural foot movement, and a self-cleaning effect every time you step in to keep mud and grit at bay. TIME offers a variety of options to meet riders’ needs and budgets. TIME ATAC XC series pedals are ideal for cross country, cyclocross, or gravel.



TIME’s dedicated trail pedals, the MX6 and MX4, are perfect for all MTB adventures. MX pedals are ready for forays into rugged terrain. They’re light and durable, with just the right amount of foot movement, and easy in and out for when you need to put your foot down.


LINK is the easy way to up your pedal performance to clipless. The LINK features a flat platform for almost any casual ride, or you can step into TIME’s ATAC clipless system.

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ATAC allows for a wide angle of step-in for positive engagement that allows for natural foot movement. What’s more, a clean pedal is an efficient pedal.

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Chart showing ATAC cleat specifications