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Welcome to Eagle Powertrain! 
This article provides a single source for all information on the use and safety of your Eagle Powertrain batteries. 

Safety and Compliance

As always, safety first!
Review the Battery and Charger Safety Instructions and the Eagle Powertrain Safety Instructions for complete safety information. 
Become familiar with the Safety Instructions so you can enjoy your ride and celebrate afterwards. 

For compliance information, visit the Regulatory Compliance section to see all info for the batteries and Powertrain system.

Battery and Charger

Review the Battery and Chargers User Manual  for complete information on the Eagle Powertrain Battery and Charger. 
There you can identify proper charge cycles, and appropriate usage and storage temperature ranges. 

You can see the battery state of charge when turning the e-bike system on and viewing the Bridge Display.

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You can also view the LED state of charge indicator found on the batteries themselves. Keep in mind that depending on frame design, you may not be able to remove the battery without removing the drive unit first. In these cases, refer to the battery state of charge on the Bridge Display. 

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While we are sure you will ride your Powertrain equipped bike far more often, make sure to charge the battery at least once every 6 months to preserve battery life and warranty. Do not leave the battery at a very low (<20%) or empty charge for very long. 


Recycling may vary by location or brand, consult with your bike manufacturer for any specific battery recycling guidance. Once your battery is ready for retirement, do not dispose of it with regular household waste. Find a certified battery recycling center near you.
Replace the SRAM Eagle Powertrain battery with an authentic SRAM Eagle Powertrain battery only. 

♻ For recycling and environmental compliance, please visit Environmental Policy and Recycling

Consult the SRAM Battery and Charger Manual for battery maintenance and specifications.


Do you have questions? 
Do you want to see answers to common questions?
Visit our Eagle Powertrain FAQ where you can learn from the community, and if you don't find the answer you are looking for, submit one of your own questions to SRAM Rider Support.

Rider Support

Do you have other questions or support needs which aren't covered here?
No problem, we've got people for that. 
Reach out to our Rider Support teams to ask questions, find answers, and review options if things don't go as planned. 

Want to know more?

If you'd like to know anything else about how to use the SRAM Eagle Powertrain, visit the Eagle Powertrain Welcome Guide in the SRAM Learn section of the website. 

You can review the full Eagle Powertrain User Manual for complete information on the system. 

You can also find any other information for the SRAM Eagle Powertrain system, or any SRAM family product on the SRAM Service site