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SRAM is committed to delivering high-quality innovative components that will enhance your ride. This page will lead you through the warranty process if the unexpected happens.

Warranty Process

If you are the original owner and the product was purchased within the last two years, follow the steps below to submit your product for warranty evaluation.

  • Step 1: Take the receipt and your SRAM product to your original point of purchase. 
    If your point of purchase is not available, please contact another dealer for assistance.
  • Step 2: The dealer will perform a basic evaluation of the product.
    Some issues that appear to be under warranty may require routine service or repair. For service and troubleshooting help, see our support resources here.
  • Step 3: The dealer will contact our nearest Service Center, where trained technicians will provide prompt troubleshooting and regional warranty assistance.
    In most cases, the product will be sent to the nearest Service Center for evaluation or service.
  • Step 4: The SRAM Service Center will notify your dealer about the approval or denial of the warranty claim. 
    If you have questions about the evaluation process, your dealer can contact the Service Center for your warranty claim’s status. Our Service Centers strive to handle all claims as quickly as possible.

Please note that the warranty process may vary slightly by region. For RockShox riders in Australia, sign in to SRAM.com with your SRAMid to contact your regional support teams, or follow the process above

Dealer Locator

Need help finding an authorized SRAM dealer? Use our Dealer Locator tool by entering your location.

Most dealers can handle warranty claims. If your nearby dealer is not listed, they can apply to become a SRAM dealer by contacting our distributor or Service Center in your country.

Find a Dealer

Download the Warranty Policy

Warranty FAQ

Q: What is not covered by your warranty?

A: In addition to normal wear and tear, damage resulting from a collision; improper installation, operation or service; and use of incompatible or modified parts is not covered under warranty. See the full details of the warranty policy here.

Q: There are no dealers in my region or country. Can I still submit a warranty?

A: In regions without a SRAM Service Center, please contact your original point of purchase. If your product was originally purchased as part of a complete bicycle, then your point of purchase can arrange support via their bicycle brand’s warranty process. For products purchased individually and not part of a complete bicycle, your point of purchase can provide warranty support as permitted by local rules.

Q: What am I supposed to do if my dealer told me to contact SRAM directly?

A: To provide the best technical service and warranty support, SRAM Tech Support has been passionately supporting riders through their local dealers for decades. It is unusual for an authorized dealer not to be able to help. If this occurs, please ask the dealer to call our nearest Service Center for assistance, or you can contact another dealer.

Q: Where can I receive warranty support if my local bike shop is out of business or temporarily closed?

A: If your point of purchase is not available, please contact another dealer for assistance. SRAM works with thousands of dealers around the world to ensure that you have as many local service and support options as possible. It is essential that your product be evaluated in person by an authorized dealer. Many products simply require troubleshooting assistance or service, and a visit to your local dealer will help get you back on your bike faster. See our Dealer Locator.

Q: Do you have a crash replacement program?

A: As riders, we understand crashes are part of riding. If you have a product damaged in a crash, please have your dealer contact their SRAM Service Center for options. SRAM offers paid service or repair options for many products.

Q: How long does SRAM support products with spare parts?

A: We support our products for as long as possible, even if they have been discontinued. Contact your local dealer for replacement options. If they are out of stock, they can contact a distributor for product and spare part availability.

Q: Why can’t I warranty my product directly with you?

A: We love bikes and helping riders! However, supporting riders like you via dealers is the most direct and efficient process. With the ability to troubleshoot your bike in person, local bike shops are often the best resource for product support. Our technical specialists are standing by and look forward to helping you via your dealer.

Q: Why was I charged a fee for warranty repair or replacement?

A: We are proud to offer and support our warranty policy, and we love keeping riders on their bikes. Bicycle dealers are independent businesses and may charge a fee for handling a warranty claim, especially when they are not the original point of purchase. This is not a SRAM fee, but a dealer fee. Please ask your dealer about labor fees before service.

Quarq Warranty

Please visit the Quarq Support page for details about the warranty policy and process. You can connect with a Quarq specialist.

Zipp Warranty

Details regarding Zipp warranty, including Lifetime Warranty information and the "Keep Rolling" paid repair program can be found on the Zipp Warranty page. You can also connect with a Zipp specialist.