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SRAM Technical University

A benchmark in bicycle industry training for almost 20 years. Providing In-Person and Online learning for the world-class products from SRAM, RockShox, Zipp, Quarq, TIME, and more. With courses in various languages and locations around the globe, SRAM Technical University is here to support the industry to better support our riders. 

What is STU?

SRAM Technical University, or STU, is dedicated to empowering bicycle retailers and their staff with the knowledge and skills to service and talk to SRAM products within the market. Our comprehensive programs combine online and in-person training, offering a seamless learning experience that equips participants with expertise in SRAM products, including features, benefits, installation, maintenance, and repair. By bridging theory and practice, we create a community of professionals who provide exceptional service, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive excellence in the bicycle industry.

STU offers a structured curriculum with distinct levels of training, specific courses and offerings will change depending on the location. An insight to these can be found below:

  1. STU Online:  Introduces an avenue of communication for bicycle retailers and their staff who want to learn more at their own pace and on their schedule without the need to travel. The education ranges from product introductions to the how and why behind our technologies, and a deep dive look at how these products function. Your SRAM training journey starts with STU Online and by completing our prerequisite modules will open up our in-person STU courses.
    Start learning with STU Online.

  2. Introductory In-Person Classes: Bicycle retailers and mechanics further their knowledge from STU Online with an immersive, hands-on experiences In-person training options can be found under the 'STU In-Person' tab on STU Online.

  3. Advanced Level In-Person Classes: These advanced courses dive deeper into suspension, with an additional focus on diagnostics. In-person training options can be found on the 'STU In-Person' tab on STU Online.

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Our SRAM Technical University location in Melbourne, Australia

Who can attend STU?

STU is open to employees of bicycle stores, with a particular emphasis on mechanics. However, the online training offered by STU is beneficial to all aspects of the business. STU hosts online courses introducing products to build product knowledge for all employees. If you work at a professional bicycle dealer or within the cycling industry at a SRAM partner, you are eligible to sign up for STU Online and take advantage of the valuable resources available.

STU's in-person courses are available to participants who have completed the required prerequisites and are located in the areas listed below, where our service facilities are located. For individuals outside of these locations, we encourage reaching out to your local distributor to explore any upcoming training options in your area. STU is dedicated to ensuring that individuals from all locations have equal opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge in the bicycle industry.

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Brake Deep-Dive at our Indianapolis Facility

Where is STU available?

STU is committed to offering its training programs to a diverse global audience, providing both online and in-person options. STU Online is available to everyone, ensuring accessibility to individuals worldwide. For those seeking hands-on training, STU offers in-person sessions at various locations and for specific countries:

  • Colorado Springs, United States: Covering USA and Canada.
  • Indianapolis, United States: Covering USA and Canada.
  • Schweinfurt, Germany: Covering: Germany, Austria, and the German-speaking areas of Switzerland.
  • Taichung, Taiwan
  • Nijkerk, Netherlands: Covering The Netherlands and Flemish/Dutch speaking areas of Belgium. 
  • Chambery, France: Covering: France, French-speaking areas of Belgium, Luxemburg, and Switzerland.
  • Melbourne, Australia: Covering: Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
  • United Kingdom, Coming Soon...

These locations serve as hubs for immersive learning experiences, where participants can engage directly with SRAM products and enhance their skills under expert guidance. Please review the STU In-Person tab on your STU Online account to look for any upcoming training opportunities. For individuals outside of these locations, we encourage reaching out to your local distributor to explore any upcoming training options in your area. 

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Suspension Service at our Schweinfurt Facility

How can I learn more about STU? 

STU Online is where it all begins for information and training. If you work at a professional bicycle dealer or within the cycling industry at a SRAM partner, then sign up for STU Online. There is a verification process for industry credentials.
Once you're all set up, our video modules start with an Introduction to STU Online and lead into lessons on SRAM Road, SRAM MTB, RockShox, Zipp, Quarq, Time, and more!

You can also follow us our  STU Facebook Page to learn more and keep up with the lastest information.