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Only open to residents in the United States or Canada.

SRAM is now offering a 10% discount to anyone who recycles their retired power meter. SRAM will accept all SRAM, Quarq, and PowerTap power meters, along with any other brands featuring aluminum crank arms or an aluminum spider.

Do you have an old power meter that has served its purpose and is ready to be recycled? If so, here is how the program works.

Step 1: Complete the form here.

Step 2: A customer service representative will supply you with a prepaid shipping label and instructions to ship.

Step 3: As soon as the package is received and placed in recycling, you will receive a coupon code good for 10% off a new power meter.

Step 4: Go to www.Quarq.com and redeem your coupon code toward your new power meter.

SRAM recognizes that products made from recycled materials require less energy to be manufactured, are less dependent on fossil fuels, and reduce the need to mine materials. This is another small step towards more material circularity.

SRAM XX1 Eagle Power Meter

Program details:

Can anyone participate in this program?

Not yet. This program is only available for people in the United States or Canada at this moment. We are looking into ways to expand this internationally, but the different international recycling processes will require more time to determine the most beneficial way to implement a recycling program.

What products qualify for this recycling program?

All power meters made by SRAM, Quarq or PowerTap as well as those with aluminum crank arms and/or aluminum spiders from another brand.

Why should I participate?

Recycled materials create up to 93% less carbon emissions than materials made from mined materials.  This program will ensure that your power meter will be turned into a new product, and not sit in a landfill.

It’s great that SRAM is encouraging recycling, but is my power meter going to be downcycled?

We can’t say what your power meter will be in its next life, but we can say it will go to material producers that incorporate recycled materials into high quality feedstock for new products.  SRAM purchases high quality materials that include recycled content to manufacture our products.  In fact, some of our highest quality and most durable products have as much as 70% recycled content.

What is the cost to participate?

We don’t charge you anything. The only cost to you is shipping your old product back to SRAM so we can recycle it properly.

Is there a limit to how much I can buy with the 10% off discount code?

Yes, you will be limited to 1 complete power meter which includes the power meter, crank arms, chainring(s) and bottom bracket.

What if my power meter is still working but I don’t have a use for it anymore? 

If your power meter is still functional and safe to use, then we suggest selling or donating it!  Local youth cycling programs may be interested in this product.

Is this replacing the RED eTap AXS Power Meter Trade-In Program?

No, that program is still active.  This recycling program is intended to cover all SRAM, Quarq and PowerTap power meters that aren’t already covered by another warranty or trade-in program.  If you have a RED eTap AXS power meter, you can learn more about that trade-in program here: SRAM RED eTap AXS Power Meter Trade-In Program