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Lyrik Select+ offers the completely re-tuned Charger™ 2 RC damper with new SKF wiper seals, and SKF damper cartridge seals reducing friction that allows the fork to ride higher in travel on compression while keeping the tires planted to the ground on rebound for unmatched control. Maxima Plush fluid helps further reduce friction providing a buttery smooth feel, topping it off with our trusted DebonAir™ air spring.

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Laufradgröße 27.5" B, 29" B
Federweg (mm) 150mm, 160mm, 170mm, 180mm
Feder DebonAir
Versatz 37mm (27.5"), 42mm (29"), 46mm (27.5"), 51mm (29")
Maximale Scheibengröße 220mm, 180mm
Standrohrvariante 35mm tapered wall aluminum
Maximale Reifenbreite (mm) 81
Dämpfer-Variante Charger RC
Farbe Diffusion Black, Gloss Black
Fender Compatibility n/a

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