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Power Up

Upgrading RED and Force eTap AXS Groups with Power Meters

Unlock the full potential of your eTap AXS groupset by adding power. Our Quarq DZero equipped power meters are accurate, easy to install and are an outstanding upgrade option for both indoor and outdoor riding. With accurate power data, you can know if you are making the training progress you’re aiming for. With Quarq’s premier DZero power measurement technology available in both the RED and Force eTap AXS cranksets, you’ll have the technology to get real results everywhere you ride.

You can buy an AXS power meter from any SRAM authorized dealer. If you are in the US, you can place your order directly from SRAM.com and the power meter will be delivered straight to your door.

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These days indoor riding is now more popular than ever. New platforms like Zwift are adding a fun, social component to the safety, comfort, and convenience that indoor riding has always offered. A key component to making the most of that experience is a power meter. These devices add to the realism of the experience by measuring your efforts while climbing and descending virtual mountains. Power meters also open the opportunity for group ride experiences and friendly competition online.

Best of all, by upgrading your bike to a power meter you can continue to use the trainer you likely already have while gaining power measurement capability when riding both indoors and outdoors! It's an upgrade that offers versatility, reliable accuracy and a value that can't be beat when compared to the power-equipped trainer alternative.


Power meters attach to AXS cranksets using a simple 8-bolt interface. To install one, remove your driveside crank arm using a hex wrench long enough to apply the 60 Nm of force required to back out the fixing bolt. 

Then remove the eight Torx T20 bolts that attach the Force crank spider or RED chainring assembly to the crank. If you are upgrading a Force crankset, we recommend removing the chainrings using a Torx T30 wrench before removing the eight spider fixing bolts.

Force eTap AXS Power Meter

Lift the non-power spider or chainring assembly off the crank and replace it with the power meter version. Install the eight new Torq T20 bolts supplied with the power meter and torque them to 4 Nm. If you have a Force eTap AXS crankset, now install the chainrings and torque the four Torx T30 fixing bolts to 12 Nm.

Reinstall your crankset and torque the 8mm hex fixing bolt to 54 Nm. Just be sure to place the chain on the small chainring before doing this.

The last thing to do is to install the power meter battery and then follow the instructions for your computer head unit to pair your power meter to the device.

See full user manual here


Now go ride!