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Ivan Velasco is technical specialist with MOVISTAR TEAM, previously working for Specialized in engineering, R&D, product design, biomechanics, and other areas. He also was a pro rider for nine years. Below are his comments on the team’s transition this season to TIME Pedals.  

The MOVISTAR TEAM performance team has already begun to test and test the TIME pedals during the 2023 season. We immediately realized the advantages and improvements that the TIME pedals represented: increased stability, better power transfer, greater support platform and all these advantages also having a reduced weight.

The pedal is a key piece in the pedal stroke and therefore in the transmission of our energy to the rear wheel and subsequent speed of the bicycle. With TIME we immediately realized that the energy losses in power transmission were minimal and that brings a great advantage over other pedals.


Ivan Velasco, technical specialist with MOVISTAR TEA

We are very happy with the return of TIME pedals, after such a successful first era with Delgado and Indurain.

–Ivan Velasco, MOVISTAR TEAM

It is also true that changing the pedals of 45 cyclists (men and women) at the same time caused us a bit of fear within the performance group in the last part of 2023. Whenever you change such a critical part of the bicycle as the pedals and cleats, everything must be done in a very measured and calculated way, so that knee and hip problems do not appear. We are very satisfied with the change in 2024 to TIME pedals, the transition has been very satisfactory, none of our cyclists have had any discomfort or injuries when making the change and they have reported a much better feeling when transmitting the power of their legs, greater stability of the foot and therefore of the pedal stroke, as well as a greater support platform between the sole of the shoe and the pedal.

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