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Lightweight materials, easy attachment, and intuitive setup are key features to the 900 Aero shifters. But the real secret to the SRAM Aero shifter’s performance is its unique ability to take advantage of SRAM’s Exact Actuation™. An aggressively aerodynamic form that utilizes carbon fiber and aluminum sets the shifters apart in weight, wind resistance, and looks.

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Type de manette Aero/Time Trial
Ratio de tirage du câble Exact actuation, n/a
Compatibilité - Dérailleur/Moyeu FD: 2s Yaw, RD: 11s
Color is Natural Carbon
Longueur de câble 3017mm
Vitesses 11, n/a
Compatibilité MatchMaker n/a
Collier inclus n/a
Weight Based On pair