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Your riding and training efforts deserve power measurement that reaches the highest standards of accuracy to help you reach personal records. Because without accurate data, you can’t know if you are making the progress you’re aiming for. With Quarq’s premier DZero power measurement technology available in both the RED and Force eTap AXS cranksets, and the brilliant DUB-PWR on Rival eTap AXS, you’ll have the technology to get real results.

The DZero is equipped with 10K multipoint active temperature compensation and an IPX7 waterproof rating for accuracy and consistency in any weather. And this technology is available for both RED eTap AXS and Force eTap AXS. And now with DUB™ bottom bracket technology for RED and Force, the crankset product line is simplified, making it easier to choose the right model for your bike.

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For our RED eTap AXS cranksets we have an optional fully integrated Quarq DZero™ power meter built directly into our RED chainrings for the lowest possible weight, highest possible accuracy, and the shifting speed and precision that only a one-piece chainring set can provide. 

And because we believe that new groupsets should do more than just offer additional features, SRAM’s power meter-equipped SRAM RED® 2x road chainrings last 50% longer than the previous generation of chainrings. So if you ever need to replace your integrated power meter chainring set, you can contact SRAM for a half-price replacement and we will recycle your old one. 

For our Force eTap AXS cranksets we have a chainring spider-based power meter option with Quarq DZero technology. These cranksets can be easily upgraded by simply changing the crank spider and using the chainrings you already have.

Rival eTap AXS takes Quarq technology to a whole new level. We’ve inserted the power measurement unit into a DUB spindle so it only adds 40g to the bike, it’s fully waterproof, and it’s compatible with any chainring configuration. The DUB-PWR unit inside the spindle measures left side power and uses that to calculate total watts. Plus it’s available in a standard or Wide spindle so any eTap AXS bike using DUB can be upgraded to power.

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