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Force AXS makes upgrading to power simple so you can focus your efforts on the bike, not on the install. There's a power upgrade available for all Force AXS gearing options, so you can make data-backed decisions on pavement, gravel, and everything in between. Power is the most accurate way to measure, track, and improve your fitness. By understanding your output on the bike, you can adjust how you train to optimize your cycling performance. 

The only thing more irresistible than the iridescent carbon crankarms is setting a new personal record, and with Force AXS, you can measure your power and make it happen. Read on to find the best upgrade path for your Force AXS bike.

Force AXS power meter options for 1x and 2x drivetrains.

2x Power Meters

A one-piece design means this 2x power meter is the lightest, stiffest, and most accurate upgrade for your Force drivetrain. The integrated power meter and chainring combo includes our ultimate Quarq D-Zero technology for right and left leg power readings, accurate to +/-1.5 percent, and our consistent 13-tooth gap on the rings for fast and reliable shifting. 

This spider-based power meter attaches to AXS cranks using a simple 8-bolt interface. Add it to your Force AXS bike in a handful of steps:

How to Install
  • Remove the driveside crankarm using a hex wrench long enough to apply the 60 Nm required to back out the fixing bolt. 
  • Remove the eight Torx T20 bolts. 
  • On the power meter, remove the battery cover, unscrew the cap, and remove the insert under the battery. Reinstall the cap and cover.
  • Lift the non-power spider or chainring assembly off the crank, and replace it with the power meter version.
  • Install the eight new Torx T20 bolts supplied with the power meter and torque them to 4 Nm in an alternating sequence.
  • Reinstall your crankset, torque the 8mm hex fixing bolt to 54 Nm, set your preload, and go ride. 

Now you're ready to see just how many watts you can put down during your next townline sprint.

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Measure your power while sprinting with a Force AXS power meter.
Battery Basics

Ride worry-free with 200 hours of battery life on your 2x Force AXS power meter. Check the status by waking the power meter with a half backpedal. Green means go on the LED indicator. If the LED is red, it's time to replace the battery. No tools are necessary for the quick swap:

  • Remove the battery cover by hand.
  • Unscrew the battery cap.
  • Choose a CR2032 coin cell battery without a bitter child-safe coating to ensure consistency, maximize battery life, and prevent corrosion. 
  • Install the new battery.
  • Hand tighten the battery cap, reinstall the cover, and get back on the road.
2x power meter for SRAM Force AXS

1x Power Meters

We’ve hidden the power measurement unit inside the DUB spindle, adding just 40 grams to your bike. Using left side power to calculate total watts, this upgrade lets you stealthily gather the data to meet your goals. It’s fully waterproof for even the greasiet of gravel rides, and it’s available in a Wide spindle for compatibility with the widest of mixed-terrain tires

This spindle-based power meter crank arm works with any chainring configuration, 1x or 2x, and easily replaces your existing Force AXS non-drive side arm:

How to Install
  • To swap out your non-drive side crank arm to a power meter upgrade, turn the 8mm hex bolt on the drive side arm counterclockwise until the drive side arm comes off.
  • Pull the non-drive side arm and spindle out of the bike.
  • Pick up your new power meter upgrade arm and spindle, grease the spindle, and slide it into the bottom bracket.
  • Install your drive side crankarm by torquing it to 54 Nm, set your preload, and go ride.

Now you'll be able to see how much harder you really go through that grassy segment on your next gravel ride.

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Measure your power while climbing with a Force AXS power meter.
Battery Basics

With a AAA lithium battery tucked inside the spindle, you'll ride for 400+ hours before needing to replace itCheck the battery status by waking the power meter with a half backpedal. A green LED means go, and a red one means you should stop for a swap:

  • Remove the battery sled from the spindle with a quarter turn using your fingers or a spanner wrench.
  • With the sled out, replace the battery with a new lithium AAA in the proper orientation.
  • Slide the sled back into the spindle, tighten it with a quarter turn, and resume your ride.

Watch battery install

1x power meter for SRAM Force AXS

After your ride, analyze your power numbers in AXS Web to see how your performance is progressing. Connect AXS Web to your Hammerhead, Garmin, or Wahoo account to automatically populate your power data. 

Need a hand diving into your data or choosing the right power meter? Ask us your power questions.