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Monday, August 15, 2016

26 photos from the 70 kilometer, 12 hour, 5 stage SRAM Canadian Open Enduro presented by Specialized. 

Calm before the storm. Riding the SRAM Canadian Open Enduro adds up to a long day in the saddle, and priority in the lift lines.

Ladies and gentlemen, please pick up your Quarq Qollector, because your fans want to know where and when you are on course.

This is what you get when a World Cup downhiller preps his own EWS bike: duct tape. Connor Fearon and his duck tape finished the day in the top 30.

High five, bro. For Ty Hathaway, every day is a new adventure. 

Una Moss? Nope, this is only the start of the day — you’ve got this one and then quatro mas. 

Eyes on the prize: Isabeau Courdurier was the women’s frontrunner for most of the day, and finished second at the end.

Scrub, squash, shred. Sam Hill shows that he’s a master in the style of speed. 

Fun fact: Damien Oton likes to make moto noises before stage starts. Other fact: He rails turns like he’s got a motor. 

Miranda Miller keeps it real with a part-time schedule on the downhill World Cup and Enduro World Series. 

This is what it looks like when the World Champ and a Whip-Off World Champ go foraging for berries and bugs on an EWS course — and get stumped. 

With a flair for the artistic, Jérôme Clementz helps out by kicking up some dust to add a bit of texture to the photo.

Josh Carlson gets low in the tall trees on his way to 3rd place overall.

It’s awfully hard to demonstrate just how steep some lines actually are, but Anneke Beerten shows you here what steep — really steep — looks like.

Curtis Keene “The American Dream” charges through the nightmare of Stage 4’s “Pigs on the Wing” section, en route to 9th overall.

Nothing to see here but a charging Aussie; Josh Carlson is back to business after a near crash just a few meters back. 

You say you want to win the SRAM Canadian Open Enduro? Just follow the tape.

The number plate says 2, but the results say 1. 

Stage 5 is done. The race is over. It is now Miller Time.

Whatever you do, never give up. Cécile Ravanel didn’t. And she won.

Isabeau Courdurier watches from the virtual Hot Seat, as she is…knocked from the Hot Seat. 

This is what winning the Canadian Open Enduro looks like.

Excuse me, Monsieur Barelli, did you file a flight plan with Canadian air traffic control?

Carlson’s trip to the podium was 100 percent powered by SRAM — and Josh Carlson.

Bike? Check. Baby? Check. Podium? You bet.

Remember the Crankzilla year? The enduro that crushed souls? Yeah, Cécile Ravanel won that one, too. What else ya got?

One more thing before you go: If you make it here, make sure you know how to work a champagne bottle. 

Photos by Adrian Marcoux and Sven Martin.

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