Crankworx Scrapbook | Garbonzo DH & Air Downhill Crankworx Scrapbook | Garbonzo DH & Air Downhill

Crankworx Scrapbook | Garbonzo DH & Air Downhill

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Friday, August 19, 2016

23 photos from the excruciatingly painful Garbonzo Downhill, and the party that is the Air Downhill. 

Those are some shockingly short sleeves, Mr. Carlson. 

Shark Attack Jack Moir made quick work of his Garbanzo run. Apparently he doesn’t want to learn what a Whistler bear nibble feels like. 

We just found out that the word ‘finn’ has recently been added to some of the world’s better dictionaries. Definition: scary fast.

Oh, just another bluebird day on my blue bike.

Basically, Miranda Miller did 14 minutes and 14 seconds of this. Basically. 

You don’t get to run the number 1 plate without a massive dose of focus and a willingness to go all in. 

This is the Mark Wallace line.

And this is the Marcelo Gutierrez line. Advantage Gutierrez. 

Marcelo. Marcelo. Marcelo. Marcelo. Yep, that’s four in a row. 

“I felt pretty terrible for the majority of it.” — Miranda Miller, 2016 Garbanzo DH Champion

World Champion Loic Bruni practices saying “Ahhhhhh” for his upcoming doctor appointment.

Marcelo and Joe both agree that winning doesn’t suck. Ever. 

Champagne never tastes better than when sprayed from the podium.

Any questions?


One day, Yoann Barelli typed, “best bike for Air DH” in French, into Google Translate. Apparently, Google Translate was broken that day. 

Excuse me, Monsieur Barelli, but we’d appreciate it if you would use RockShox suspension products on your mountain bikes. Oh, wait, that’s a…


Sprint, scrub, repeat. George Brannigan demonstrates that second step. 


Miranda Miller knows that her Eagle™ cassette isn’t just for uphill adventures.

Marcelo Gutierrez looking for a podium spot for the second day in a row. But the  Garbanzo DH winner would have to settle for 5th in the Air DH.


Another Crankworx event, and another day of Jack Moir staying well ahead of sharks and bears.

Two words: party train

No gold at the finish line for Remi Thirion, but plenty up on the trail. 


Photos by Adrian Marcoux and Sven Martin.

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