Demystifying SRAM Road Component Frame Compatibility Specs Demystifying SRAM Road Component Frame Compatibility Specs

Demystifying SRAM Road Component Frame Compatibility Specs

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Whether you are assembling a custom road, cross, or tri bike build, or even designing a new frame, SRAM wants to make the process as easy as possible. To facilitate this, SRAM provides frame specification information on its website to help ensure compatibility between your frameset and SRAM’s groupsets. 

Whatever the measurement is that you are looking for, chances are it’s available in one of our road Frame Fit Specifications documents. These documents not only help frame manufacturers to build bikes that will fit SRAM components, they help mechanics who are assembling a custom bike build where fitment dimensions are needed before parts are ordered. Knowing these specifications can save money and time spent test-fitting parts only to find that they don’t fit or function as intended.

SRAM frame fit specifications can answer all of these questions and many more:

— You are interested in specifying SRAM RED® eTap® on your new gravel bike build but want to see if the tires you’ve chosen will fit without interfering with the front derailleur.

— You plan to install a SRAM Force 1 crank on your monstercross bike but aren’t sure if the crank arms will clear the chainstays.

— You are building the tri bike of your dreams and want to see how the SRAM RED eTap BlipBox™ will fit within your aerobar setup.

Working within SRAM’s frame fit specifications also ensures optimal component performance. For example, SRAM prescribes minimum chainstay length requirements for all of its drivetrains. This makes sure riders have safe access to all gear combinations while experiencing the best shift performance possible.

Find the dimensions you are looking for as well as service and user manuals for all of SRAM’s products on our service page.

Some commonly searched for dimensions include:

Looking for something else? Just browse our publicly available road frame fit specifications here

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