Digging for Galena - The Story of Texas Peak (Trailer #2)

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Second Trailer for Graham Agassiz's "Digging for Galena."

At the turn of the century the wilderness surrounding Retallack Lodge teemed with fortune seekers, their lives bound to the rich ore hiding deep underground. We unearth those jewels in the creation of Texas Peak, a trail to end all trails. Watch the story unfold February 24, 2017 as we launch “Digging for Galena,” starring Graham Agassiz.

Cinematography and Editing by Mind Spark Cinema
Written and Directed by Mitchell Scott
Starring Graham Agassiz
Produced by Retallack Lodge and Mitchell Scott
Sponsored by SRAM, Kona, and Retallack Lodge

Music: “Ride Out” by Moontricks [Westwood Recordings]

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