The Experts Behind 1x - SRAMcast Episode 1 The Experts Behind 1x - SRAMcast Episode 1

The Experts Behind 1x - SRAMcast Episode 1

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

SRAM Product Manager JP McCarthy was one of the forces behind the development of 1x (one-by) technology on the road. 1x, in its simplest form, is a single X-SYNC chainring paired with a 1x clutch rear derailleur. Popularized on mountain bikes, then making a bold move to cyclocross, SRAM's 1x drivetrain has now made the leap to road riding, triathlon, gravel riding, and flatbar fitness bikes. Listen in as JP talks about where 1x works best, where it doesn't, and who should consider making the switch. 

Gravel riding is just one of many perfect applications for 1x. 

JP McCarthy is a 20 year SRAM veteran and formidable Cyclocross competitor. 

The SRAM Force 1 unidirectional carbon crank arm is perfectly matched to the SRAM X-SYNC™ wide-tooth, narrow-tooth chainring.

SRAM's hard working and fully dedicated 1x Force 1 rear derailleur features a unique clutch system that eliminates chain slack, providing for smoother, quieter, and more secure chain travel.

The Rival 1 crankarm is forged aluminum with a detachable spider and works with SRAM's 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50T X-SYNC™ chainrings, which feature the X-SYNC chainring. The X-SYNC chainring's tall, square tooth design provides maximum chain control.

The SRAM Rival 1 rear deailleur's X-HORIZON™ design reduces shift force while eliminating ghost shifting and chain slap.

Learn more about SRAM's 1x groupsets here.

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