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Monday, September 1, 2014

Sacrifice the Battle to Win the War

During yesterday’s ITU World Triathlon Series grand final, Javier Gomez Noya had a decision to make. Try to win the battle on the day and win the grand final race in Edmonton Canada, or race smart and cover the only guy with a chance to beat him for the WTS overall, to win the war. Alistair Brownlee made the decision for Javi quite easy. He started attacking as soon the athletes left T1. Alistair was working hard to help his brother Jonny try to get into a break, and potentially upset the race for Gomez. But it was not the day for Jonny, and he was just not able to jump across to Ali, who would eventually get a break to stick, securing the win on the day.

Javier on the other hand rode a very smart race, keeping Jonny in his sights throughout the whole ride, knowing that he was the only other athlete who could win the war and take the title of World Champion away from him.

Interestingly enough, all three of the key athletes on the day were riding on almost exactly the same drivetrain. All three were on SRAM RED 22, with 53-39 chainrings and 11-26 rear cassettes. This gearing would turn out to be key as there was enough of a hill on the first two laps to really force the athletes to use nearly the entire range.

Once off the bikes and onto the run, Javier was able to take control of things once and for all, securing bronze on the day, and taking the title for the series. This makes the 4th World Championship mantle for the quiet Spaniard, and will certainly not be the last.

As a matter of fact, Gomez will travel a few hours to the east in a couple of days to Mont Tremblant, Canada, to vie for the title of Ironman 70.3 World Champion.

Stay tuned, as will make sure to get a good series of photos of Javi’s race bike this coming weekend and post them on the SRAMRoad Facebook gallery. It will be pretty cool to contrast the different bikes and set ups needed for these two very different racing formats, all under the same athlete.

Two World Championship titles in the span of a week?? If anyone is up for that type of a challenge, it is Javier Gomez Noya. He is quite possibly the most talented all around triathlete of this era.

 photo: Nils Nilsen

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