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J-Pow Talks 1x Road

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) is the reigning U.S. elite men’s cyclocross champion and the highest ranked American male 'cross athlete in the world. He’s also a veteran of the American pro road circuit. We had a chance sit down with Jeremy to get his thoughts on the affect SRAM’s new Road 1x drivetrain systems (Force 1 and Rival 1) will have on various road disciplines.

How was the transition to riding a 1x system not just on the cyclocross course but also the road?
I was using 1x in a lot of different applications. I was training on the cyclocross courses at home. My setup was 46-tooth X-SYNC™ Chainring with an 11-32 cassette. I was able to do, on the highest end of that, motorpacing. Then I was also able to be in the top range doing a cyclocross workout. For a consumer, they can pick their front ring (SRAM’s X-SYNC single chainrings range from 38 to 54 teeth) they need for their power output and their riding application. For me, I found it to be really versatile and really simple. That’s what I take away from the 1x system…. People will be able to enjoy that reliability.

SRAM Force 1 and Rival 1 offer the option to run a 10-42 cassette. What options does that provide different types of riders?
I don’t have a problem doing a lower cadence. I like that. But I think about my family members who are recreational cyclists, they’re really going to have a much better experience riding those gear combos.

What is the potential benefit of riding 1x over diverse terrain?
On a cyclocross course I’m always thinking about what gear I need to be in. I come through an obstacle or a challenging section and I know I know need to be one gear higher. I come into a set a barricades and I know I am going to have to scrub some amount of speed and there’s a turn after it. I know I’m going to have to shift one or two gears up. The nice thing about 1x is because of the clutch (SRAM Force 1 Rear Derailleur with ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™) I’m confident that the chain is secure, I can shift up higher and I don’t lose any chain tension…. It is just simpler, period.

Has it surprised you that 1x mountain bike technology has moved into cyclocross and now road?
It’s a natural progression. It’s very cool that people are going to take the same experience that mountain biking has had for a while, and most recently cyclocross has had, and take that over to the road. I think about 1x for a time trial application. That’s very similar to cyclocross – you know what you need. I need a 52T and I need an 11. So a 52-11 is going to be enough for me… That idea that it’s enough… There’s less chance for a problem. I think that’s very exciting. Racers, they know exactly what they need. They’ll know exactly the front ring they’re going to need and know exactly what gear ratio they’ll need in the back…. They’re going to have one less thing to worry about…. That’s the biggest asset for a 1x system.


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