Keys To eTap WiFLi Setup

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Monday, February 20, 2017

The revolutionary SRAM RED® eTap group is now available with a WiFLi™ medium cage rear derailleur capable of fitting up to a 32T large cog. As these derailleurs make their way into the hands of mechanics everywhere for the first time, we want to call attention to and clarify a few differences in setup between the WiFLi and short cage versions of the rear derailleur.

In addition to the longer cage, the mid cage WiFLi rear derailleur also has some other modified design elements, such as a redesigned b-knuckle and an offset upper pulley. These design differences require some specific changes to derailleur setup. First, the chain must be on the small chainring before setting the b-gap. Setting b-gap while in the small ring ensures that the upper pulley will not make contact with the cassette in any gear combination.

The WiFLi rear derailleur can be used with a wide range of cassette sizes from 11-26 up to 11-32. Which cog the chain is in when setting b-gap is critical: if using an 11-26 cassette, b-gap should be set in the 11T cog. If using an 11-28, 11-30 or 11-32 cassette, shift to the largest cog, and set b-gap there.

The b-gap setting is also smaller on the WiFLi rear derailleur relative to the short cage version. While the recommended gap on the short cage is 6-8mm, a WiFLi equipped drivetrain should have a 4-6mm b-gap.

For information beyond these key setup differences, complete setup manuals are found online in the eTap Systems Manual, the eTap WiFLi Rear Derailleur Installation video, and the eTap System Installation video. 

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