King Sam

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Sam Blenkinsop is fully committed. Whether he’s on a winning run or struggling to crack the first page of race results, the famously fast, no-glove-wearing Kiwi is just flat-out exciting to watch ride a bike. The loose look while he tosses his bike around under himself, and the iconic ET air-pedaling charging are just a couple bits of his signature style. Blenki is a badass—it’s as simple as that.

Blenkinsop has been in the hunt for the King of Crankworx throne for a couple of years now. It’s a daunting task that more often than not rewards wannabe monarchs with little more than tired legs, beat-up bikes and hefty travel bills. 

That didn’t matter to Blenki, who threw his lot in again in 2018 and is rumored to have freelanced the whole adventure. The commitment paid off, because, despite racing his last few events while patched together with surgical sutures, Sam Blenkinsop rode away with the 2018 King of Crankworx Crown. 

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