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Friday, August 3, 2018

Self inflicted pain. It was the first thought that crossed their mind when three SRAM employees decided to participate in their first 24-hour bike race. This particular event, at the famed Nürburgring, leads through both the ultra-modern Formula 1 arena and the Nordschleife, one of the most iconic motor speedways of all time. At its heart are the 24-hour races on the traffic-free, partially illuminated race track and with team quarters in the pit lane. Die Nordschleife, aka The Green Hell, has been known for over 10 years as the home of the 24-hour Rad am Ring event. The atmosphere of the Formula 1 arena and the challenges of the legendary Nordschleife render the around-the-clock race unique. No stranger to cycling, the Nürburgring hosted the road cycling world championships in 1966 that highlighted Rudi Altig, Germany’s only Road Cycling World Champion. 24 hours can be a hell of a long time at Rad am Ring. Riding the track was both challenging, (cheers Mount Bergwerk) and thrilling, (thank you mega fast dowhnhill section near the Fuchsröhre)! All the exhaustion and lack of sleep was worth it when we crossed the finish line after a full day and night of cycling.

The morning before the start of the 24-hour race. Massive crowds make their way through the Expo, finalizing their preparations for a long day in the saddle. 

Followed by pre-riding the track, to get a feeling for the race course and upcoming hours on it.  

Or a bit more time to relax and a chance to spend time with colleagues and friends before the individual first shift of our team's participation in the24-hour race format. 

Official start and first corner for around 8,700 fellow cyclists. 

...which means that this wrist has approxemtialy 45 minutes to get ready for his first shift in the 4-rider 24-hour team relay. 

Checking the time and whereabouts of the rider currently on the track is a must in order to keep track of progress and rotations between riders in teams. 

Disc brakes were a helpful and secure feature that delivered total control in terms of speed and traction on the race track. This Pinarello features SRAM RED® eTAP HRD paired with Zipp 404 NSW wheels and tubeless Tangente RT25 tyres. 


9:34pm: Currently listening to Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn 

Conclusion: Energy drinks with caffeine are not only handy for German disco clubs. 

Do not go gentle into that good night. -Dylan Thomas

New best friend: Rice pudding with pureed apples, cinnamon, and sugar. Sometime around 4:45am. Still not sure about the current year...

Closing hours of the 24-hour event on Sunday morning.

A lot of fun, very little sleep, and an awesome experience riding bikes at Rad am Ring!

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