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Thursday, April 16, 2015

1x™ Expands Everything

Road is changing. Gravel, adventure, fitness, and cyclocross are redefining an evolving road category that increasingly ventures from the comfort of pavement. Additionally, conventional thinking about what’s truly necessary on the bicycle is being scrutinized. Efficiency, lightweight and functionality are the preference over excess, redundancy and complexity. SRAM’s new 1x (pronounced one-by) drivetrain systems – SRAM Force 1 and SRAM Rival 1 - are at the heart of a movement that embodies expanding the potential, improving the experience, and simplifying the mode.

SRAM’s 1x movement began in the MTB category where it was quickly adopted and successfully raced across all disciplines. In 2014 1x was embraced by cyclocross. And now 1x goes even further with road, gravel, adventure, fitness and triathlon options.

What is 1x? 1x is an incredibly secure and amazingly quiet drivetrain defined by SRAM’s X-SYNC single chainring, which now extends its range from 38 to 54 teeth. When appropriately paired to SRAM’s wide or super-wide cassettes, and managed by SRAM’s dedicated clutch rear derailleurs, 1x ratios allow riders to push gearing comparable to that of double (2x) chainring systems. SRAM’s cassette lineup now feature a 10-42*, 11-36, 11-32, and 11-30. (*requires XD driver body option)

What’s new? There are three elements critical to the of the 1x drivetrain: the chainring, the cassette, and the rear derailleur. SRAM is expanding nearly all of its new 1x offerings into the renamed Rival 1 and Force 1 groupsets. SRAM Force CX1™ is now SRAM Force 1.

CHAINRINGS - Essential to the development of 1x are the expanded chainrings options, which now extend from 38 to 54. The new configurations are plenty of gearing for gravel and adventure riders, CX racers, powerful triathlete or TT riders, as well the criterium racer and fitness fanatics. 1x provides the most secure chain and chainring interface available defined by simplicity, range and durability. The single chainring defines the 1x system with X-SYNC™ technology, whose tall square teeth edges engage the chain earlier and the traditional sharp and narrow tooth profile, as well as rounded chamfer edges, help manage a deflected chain. SRAM’s X-SYNC chainrings are designed for optimal chain line and frame clearance.

REAR DERAILLEURS - SRAM’s new 1x rear derailleurs have adopted all the same technologies from MTB but in a road specific package, including the addition of a barrel adjuster. The new long cage version is capable of managing the chain across SRAM’s superwide 10-42 and 11-36 cassettes. Short cage (up to 28T), Mid-cage (up to 36T), Long-cage (up to 42T) Other technologies include:
X-HORIZON™ - rear derailleur’s ‘straight parallelogram’ design limits all movement to the horizontal axis, which makes ghost shifting nearly impossible and maintains a constant chain gap across all gears.
ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ - derailleur bounce and chain slap are eliminated without sacrificing precision.
CAGELOCK™ - wheel removal and installation—as well as chain installation—becomes faster and simpler. Just pushing the cage forward to create slack and lock it into place.
EXACT ACTUATION™ - SRAM 1:1 actuation ratio (shifter cable travel / derailleur movement) helps to simplify and stabilize the uneasy act of balancing rear derailleur hanger design, tight cog spacing and exact cable tension.

CASSETTES – The new PG and XG cassettes provide 1x riders the gearing options needed for challenging climbs, fast descents, sprints and everything in between. SRAM‘s strong, lightweight and precise PC 1130 and PC 1170 chains are the perfect match for SRAM Rival 1 and SRAM Force 1.

SHIFTING GEARS - SRAM also grows the shifting options with new trigger shifters for the flatbar fitness rider, and adds the matched left drop bar brake lever to Rival 1.

BRAKING - Along with SRAM’s mechanical brake system we‘ve also included HydroR options with 1x. HydroR, or hydraulic road, is the promise of better braking with more power, better modulation, and less hand effort.

While 1x is an exciting new option and can serve an incredible range of riders and rides, SRAM remains completely committed to its 2x (two chainrings) drivetrains.


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