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RedBull Rampage 2013

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Known yet feared by many, the Red Bull Rampage is renowned as one of the gnarliest Big-Mountain Freeride competitions to fall on any event calendar. Hand selected international competitors will individually choose their most creative and daring line down the steep cliffs of Virgin, Utah in an effort to come up with the most impressive, unique and stylish way to the bottom. From massive gaps, narrow ridgelines and huge step-downs it can become an accomplishment just to make it down alive. Said to be responsible for the birth of the Freeride movement, the Red Bull Rampage is back and we are here to bring you a unique, behind the scenes view from the riders and the crew helping them all the way up to their final run down on Sunday. Stay tuned as we countdown on the road to Rampage. -Photos by Adrian Marcoux

Finals - Game time. 

In the end...Kyle Strait would take his second career Rampage title, the first person ever to do so in the history of the sport. 

To the victor goes the spoils. Congratulations Kyle, you deserve it. 

It was all heartbreak for Semenuk as he had a small mistakes on both his runs costing him everything in the end. 

Graham Agassiz was one of the most fluid, confident and impressive riders all weekend. 

Morning glory as the mountain heats up. 

Day 4 - Qualies! 

Bikes are prepped...ready to shred. 

Kyle Norbraten's rig is always one of the cleanest with the best colorways...This years Rampage bike did not dissapoint. 

Graham Agassiz took top honors in Qualifications today on-board this beautiful green machine. 

The crowds rolled out to witness the madness and true evolution of this event. 

Styling out on the ridgeline is an iconic visual that the Red Bull Rampage has brought througout the years. 

Build crews put in the final touches...and motivation for their riders. 

Day 2-3: The rain came and went, made for perfect and unique conditions. 

Semenuk...out early to hit the hill and get things dialed after the rain. 

Semenuk, doing what he does best...smooth, calm and collected in the eye of the beast. 

Best friends since the begining, both returning Champions of Rampage - Zink and Strait pause for a bit of a #selfy to keep things fun out there. 

What used to be just a ridgeline transfer for riders to collect themselves, is now a jump option line - progression. 

Zink has a custom new whip from Hyper...Ultra custom, BlackBox eqqupped. 


DAY ONE: Let it begin. 

                                                                   Unlike any other year, the desert is cold and stormy. 


                                                             Few can possibly understand what it takes to roll into a line like this. 


                                                  sadly part of the game. Kenny Smith, down but not out. 

                                Typically quite and focused...Brandon Semenuk is all business this year and hungry for another win. 


                                                                    The face of business. Semenuk ready to go on a Rampage. 



               DAY ZERO: Competitors and dig crews arrive to scout and work on their lines down the mountain. 

                     Desolate now, but the Podium is where every competitor wants to stand come Sunday. Who will take the top spot? 

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