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Friday, May 12, 2017

We wake early again this morning, excited by another day of riding and racing. We pass other excited cycling fans during early morning trips from our hotel rooms to get another cup of coffee.

Today is to be a SRAM RED® eTap® experience for the Open the Road Tour—a beautiful ride rife with stunning scenery, on a shiny new bicycle equipped with truly the coolest technology to hit the market since the derailleur was invented. [Which dates back to the early 20th century.]

California is a big place, and, thanks to the images of Hollywood and songs like Albert Hammond’s 1972 hit, It Never Rains in Southern California, it’s easy to forget that the weather can be different depending on where you are in this diverse state. True to that oversight, some of us wish we’d packed warmer clothing when we see the heavy, low overcast conditions this morning, and what looks like a threat of rain.

But true to classic alpine-weather form, the threat of weather disappears, and the ride becomes less about bracing against the cold, and more about how beautiful the Lake Tahoe area really is.


As the ride draws to a close, we stop for the purest of American West Coast post-ride feasts: burritos. East of California there are other delicacies that are equally important to the food world, but in this state the burrito is king. A delicious burrito and a frosty cold beverage after a bike ride will make you completely right with the world.


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