SRAM RED eTap for aero bikes: A guide to all your setup options SRAM RED eTap for aero bikes: A guide to all your setup options

SRAM RED eTap for aero bikes: A guide to all your setup options

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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A primary goal throughout the development of SRAM RED® eTap® was to create a shifting solution for triathletes that delivered the lowest weight and best aerodynamics of any electronic groupset available as well as unmatched shifter setup versatility. With shift buttons placed exactly where you want them, on both the base bar and the extensions, you can maintain your position more comfortably while focusing on the road ahead and giving your best effort. Plus, the groupset’s wireless shifting not only makes initial installation simple on any bike, it makes disassembly/reassembly for travel far easier as well. 

While eTap® setup possibilities are limitless, we’ve found that there are a few options that most triathletes prefer. Here we’ll review popular shift button placement options using SRAM Blips, BlipGrips™, and eTap Clics™ shifter buttons. Regardless of which shift buttons you choose, they all plug into the required BlipBox™ shifter, so we’ll also look at a few BlipBox mounting options.BlipsBlipGrips

eTap Clics


Base Bar Shifter Setup

A key advantage of eTap® is that Blip shift buttons can be placed on both the aero extensions and base bar. With the ability to shift on the base bar, triathletes can save time getting up to speed after exiting the transition area and execute shifts when riding through tight corners, descending steep roads that require braking, or when climbing out of the saddle. While you can place Blips anywhere you want them on the base bar using the supplied double stick tape, here are a couple of popular options:

Riders that prefer shifting with their thumbs typically place Blips on the inboard side of the base bar grips, just behind the brake lever mounting point.Blips shown installed on inboard side of base bar handle with tape installed.

For shifting with index fingers, place the Blips on the underside of the base bar’s grip area near the brake lever mounting point.

If you prefer a tape-free Blip setup on your base bar, our optional BlipGrips (available separately) can also be installed in this location and rotated to the position of your choice. Then simply lock them in place using the integrated aluminum clamp.BlipGrips shown installed on inboard side of base bar handle.

Regardless of which setup you choose, the 450mm length Blip wire option is typically best. 

Aero Extension Setup

Most triathletes prefer the plug and play nature of eTap Clics and BlipGrips (both are available separately from the eTap® groupset). Either option you choose offers a straightforward installation that doesn’t require any tape. In the case of eTap Clics, you don’t even need tools, just thread the wire through the extension and press the button into the end.eTap Clics installed without handlebar tape.

eTap Clics installed with handlebar tape.

BlipGrips can be rotated and positioned in any orientation on the extensions and are easily installed by tightening a single bolt on each grip clamp with a 2.5mm hex wrench.Blip Grips shown with upward oriented Blips on the aero extensions.

For riders that want even more installation options, Blips offer the ability to choose any location on the extension to shift from. With that said, the most common mounting options are to place Blips either on the top or inboard side of the extensions for actuation with the thumb. Blips shown installed on the inboard side of the aero extension without tape

For index finger actuation, placing the Blip underneath the extension is generally preferred.Blips shown on the underside of the aero extension without handlebar tape.

Whether you choose eTap Blips, BlipGrips, or standard Blips, the 650mm length wire option is typically best.


The industry standard quarter-turn mount, used for the most popular cycling GPS units, makes installing the eTap® BlipBox shifter unit literally a snap. Included in the packaging for the BlipBox are four different BlipBox mounts to choose from. Option one is a 22.2mm mount that clamps to an aero extension. Option two is a rubber band mount made for attachment to a stem either on top or on bottom. Options three and four are adhesive backed mounts made for placement anywhere. One has a flat bottom surface and the other has a curved bottom surface for mounting on round tubing. Mounting options included with the BlipBox

BlipBox shown mounted to underside of stem with rubber band mounts.

BlipBox shown mounted on top of stem with rubber band mounts.

BlipBox shown mounted to stem with curved adhesive mount.BlipBox shown mounted to underside of aero basebar with curved adhesive mount.BlipBox shown mounted to aero extension using 22.2mm Zipp QuickView mount.

Additionally, SRAM makes a number of other options for attaching the BlipBox to your cockpit setup. These include the SRAM QuickView Computer Mount that attaches to 31.8mm diameter base bars near the stem, the Zipp Vuka BTA Mount with QuickView that allows mounting the BlipBox to an aero extension water bottle cage, and the Zipp QuickView TT Computer Mount that attaches to 22.2mm diameter aero extensions. 

With all of these options, there is a way to put the BlipBox just about anywhere you want it. 

The Choice is Yours

When it comes to setting up tri bikes with SRAM RED® eTap®, your imagination is the limit. Whether you choose BlipGrips, Clics, or standard Blips, there are no wrong choices here. Bottom line: Your bike is custom fit to you, so why not have your shifting custom fit as well? Get your race bike dialed in and make it uniquely yours with SRAM RED® eTap®. 

For step-by-step installation instructions on Blip and BlipBox installation, watch the following video:

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