Stage 2 Preview | SRAM Canadian Open Enduro

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Stage 2 – Crazy Train

  • Start: 1100m
  • Finish: 728m (372m Drop)

 “Crazy Train” was the second stage in the legendary 2014 edition of the SRAM Canadian Open Enduro. That year, Whistler local Jesse Melamed smoked the international field by nearly 5 seconds. Beyond his win, the stage is best remembered for the thick dust and the off-camber rock face near the end. Fast-forward to 2016 and the stage returns, bringing with it a cleaned up version of the rock but likely dusty and loose conditions if it’s dry. Remember, this stage features many line variations, with slow safe lines being presented in tandem with riskier, faster options. So bring your A-game — you’ll need it to keep your speed through the constant combination of roots, rocks and loam. If it rains, look out.

  • Men’s winner 2014 - Jesse Melamed 5:46.75
  • Women’s winner 2014: Anne-Caroline Chausson – 6:55.84



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