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Friday, January 25, 2019

The New US CX Regime: Kaitie Keough

We caught up with the future of American cyclocross in the US at the National Championships in Louisville, KY. While many of these names are familiar, all of these riders are still in their early 20’s and include superstars Kaitie Keough, Ellen Noble, Sammi Runnels, Spencer Petrov, and Curtis White. Each shared some insights into who they are, what they want from the sport and ultimately why you should cheer for them. We're going to share these conversations with you in the week leading up to the UCI Cyclocross World Championships in Denmark. 

First up is Kaitie Keough of Cannondale p/b

Tell us something people don’t know about you.

Well, I still have six chickens and a dog, but my husband and I have started buying properties, we’re getting into property management. We like it.

Tell us about the next five years of your racing career.

Taking it two years at a time. I really want to win nationals and do really well at the world championships. I’ve ticked my other boxes, those two things really motivate me, and I don’t need to win nationals a bunch of times, just once would be great.

Do you have a future in gravel?

I enjoy it, but I'm not sure if I’m going to race it again, I’m maybe one and done. I may try a little mountain biking and explore some other events.

Talk about racing against and beating some of the riders you look up to, some of your heroes?

Well, when I beat Marianne Vos at Jingle Cross, and she is the best women’s racer ever. It was jaw-dropping. It is very surprising the first few times it happens. But you can’t view them as better or anything; you have to focus on racing when it’s happening, and then after the race, you can look back and contemplate what you just accomplished.

Any advice for younger riders?

Develop your social media and interpersonal skills, they are good tools to have in your toolbox.

Social media can be hard, I try to be present and not on my phone all the time, but everyone should find their balance.

When people cheer for you what do you want them to yell?

Go Kaitie is fine.

Photos by Cyclephotos Balint Hamvas

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