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Friday, May 27, 2016

Main photo: BrakeThrough Media

You’ve seen the race results and read the reviews, but what do the pros think about SRAM RED® eTap®? Pro riders and mechanics rely on eTap® to do more than simply endure the world’s toughest races, it’s expected to excel in them. Because when it’s your job to win races, you need to have complete confidence in your equipment.

Pro riders need eTap to withstand the cobbled classics, work consistently in the face of inclement weather, and be easy to operate when every muscle fiber aches, when vision is blurred, and the brain is addled at the end of a grueling race.

Pro mechanics need eTap to shift consistently throughout the course of a season and handle the daily washing that race bikes receive. Above all, it has to be fast to set up and maintain.

So, what do the pros think about SRAM RED eTap? We’ll let them speak for themselves. 

Photo: Wil Matthews Photo

Team Katusha

Alexander Kristoff (rider)

"The consistency of eTap’s shifting is really important for me. Whether I’m riding on the cobbles or sprinting, I know that the bike will shift perfectly every time. I like the way the shift levers work as well with the right or the left hand shifting the rear derailleur and both hands together shifting the front derailleur. It’s the best shifting system I’ve ever used. The whole group has been really reliable, even during the classics, which is when a lot of mechanicals happen."

Marco Haller (rider)

"Riding eTap has been great this year. I like the shape of the hoods and levers. They are very comfortable. The shifting is also precise and stays consistent, even in bad weather. Every time I get on the bike it works exactly the same. I like it so much that I don’t want to go back to mechanical shifting after riding eTap."

Claudio Bosio (head mechanic)

"eTap saves us so much time because we don’t have to run cables or wires through frames. It also saves us time when we are tuning the bikes. I never have to adjust eTap derailleurs because they always work the same. We also don’t have to charge the batteries all the time because they last so long. But when we do charge them, they charge really fast."

Photo: BrakeThrough Media


Gilles Martinet (head mechanic)

I like its ease of set up and adjustment. The SRAM RED eTap groupset is extremely reliable. There is no re-adjustment to do during the season which allows us to save precious time in terms of work.”

Axel Genet (mechanic)

It’s a system that is very easy to learn and use. No more cables, so no more concerns about changing them throughout the year. We save a lot of time with assembly and setup. The pairing process, which makes the complete groupset work, is a very smart idea. For me, the fact that the front derailleur battery and the rear derailleur battery are swappable is something great because you don’t have to manage two types of batteries. Regarding the shift logic, it’s an innovative system. It takes a little bit of time to get use to it, but as soon as the logic is acquired it’s really simple and efficient. Mechanics and riders are all satisfied and I’m personally super happy to work with SRAM RED eTap.” 

Samuel Dumoulin (rider)

The SRAM RED eTap groupset is a true shift logic revolution. The precision, speed and ingenuity of the group represent a major step forward for all riders. The fact that you can shift to an easier gear while braking, without having to worry about the reliability of the shifting is convenient and allows us to save energy, two valuable assets in the pursuit of performance, especially in a sport where the time differences are getting closer and closer.”

Pierre Latour (rider)

Shifting is fast and we can make micro-adjustments when needed. I also love the ergonomics of the eTap hoods, they are thinner than the mechanical ones and with a better grip. It’s also very interesting on the TT bike because we can shift in the back or on the front while accelerating or braking.” 

Photo: Wil Matthews Photo

Boels-Dolmans Pro Cycling

Lizzie Armitstead – Reigning World Champ

“I am really enjoying my experience with the new SRAM Red eTap. Being able to trust your gears is key. In a sprint I know that I have the most efficient capable shifting system and that gives me extra confidence. I like the shape of the hoods and the ease of the wireless system when traveling with my bike.” 

Evelyn Stevens – Women’s Hour Record holder

“I love SRAM RED eTap, particularly on my TT bike, as it allows for seamless shifting whether or not I’m in the aero position. This gains invaluable seconds during a race.” 

Christine Majerus (rider)

“It was a really nice change to move over to SRAM RED eTap. The shifting is really fast and smooth compared to other brands and until now I haven’t have to do any readjustments. The battery is long-lasting as well, so no need to worry about that too much either. I also like the shape of the shifters and the possibility to add a sprinter button. It’s a nice advantage to have. The best thing about eTap is that it works perfectly no matter what the weather conditions are like. Rain and mud is really no problem for it and the shifting is as fast and efficient as it is for dry conditions. Racing epic spring classics with eTap is really an advantage. Taking away all the cables makes it obviously also easier to look after once off the bike, especially for non-mechanics.”

Ellen van Dijk (rider)

“To be honest, when I got to experience eTap for the first time on my road bike I thought it wouldn't make a big difference, because I was very happy with mechanical shifting. But I completely changed my mind after I rode it. The shifting is super accurate, works fast and is easy to control. I really love it!” 

Photo: Wil Matthews Photo


Lisa Brennauer – 2014 ITT World Champion

“Having SRAM RED eTap on the Canyon Speedmax is a huge advantage for me. Especially after the corners or at the start of a TT you can accelerate so much faster, as you can change the gearing in the drops. In the extensions you can choose the position of the buttons according to your own needs. The shifting is very smooth and fast. The multi-shift function also gives me the opportunity to shift multiple gears up or down with only one push of the button.

Mieke Kröger(rider)

“With its clean look, SRAM RED eTap looks perfect on my Canyon race bike. The shifting is intuitive and there are a lot of options for adding extra shift buttons.

The shifting in every condition is the same. For example, it doesn’t require extra hand effort to shift into the big chainring.”

Tiffany Cromwell (rider)

“Normally when you change over to groupsets that have a different way of operating it takes some time to get used to. SRAM RED eTap is different though, from the word go you can work out how to use it. It’s very simple and smart to operate and I love the fact that there’s no cables, it gives a much cleaner finish to the bike. It is going to be a huge help throughout the season, but in particular when it comes to the classics, as we can add extra buttons to shift the gears on top of the bars where you would hold when riding over the cobbles or climbing during hilly races later in the season. On the TT bike it’s a huge advantage to be able to shift whilst you’re in the drops on technical courses. Overall the reliability and ease of use for the mechanics is going to save a lot of time when they’re busy preparing everything perfectly for us for racing.”

Learn more about SRAM RED eTap here.

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