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Suspension Tuning Simplified

No matter the ride style. No matter the terrain. No matter the skill level. ShockWiz is an automated suspension tuning device for air-sprung mountain bikes that combines high-tech hardware with an intuitive smartphone app. Lightweight and durable, this powerful device provides tuning recommendations for air pressure, spring rate, compression, and rebound.

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Dial In The Ride Of Your Life

Finding the perfect suspension is a process that takes trial and error. Properly dialing in your suspension lets you put your bike to work and allows you to ride terrain that may not be feasible. The ability to manipulate sag and spring rates is a big part of what makes riding hard so enjoyable but constant gear negotiation takes time away from your ride. That’s where ShockWiz comes into play - this automated suspension tuning device passes recommendations on to the intuitive ShockWiz app, allowing you to quickly find the best adjustments for your riding style.

Made For All Riding Styles

ShockWiz is made with every rider in mind. Tuning recommendations are provided for balanced riding, playful riding, or custom tuning styles for riders that don’t fit the standard mold. Easily swap between tuning styles to test out what is most comfortable for your ride and enjoy a longer, smoother ride. The ShockWiz suspension tuning device is made for any riding level as well. Advice is provided in the ShockWiz app for air pressure, spring rate, compression, and rebound. The device is able to tailor recommendations to how you are riding as well - this powerful suspension tuning devices works for cross-country riding, trail riding, all-mountain riding, and down hill riding.

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Tune to You

Download the App for calibration and tuning suggestions.

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