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Fewer Flats, Smoother Ride

Your tires are the only thing connecting your bike to the road or trail. Having the optimal tire pressure not only enhances ride comfort but also increases the longevity of your equipment. Real-time tire pressure data allows riders to notice fluctuations in pressure before they become a problem. Tracking your tire pressure not only increases the lifespan of your tire - it also helps to increase the longevity of your rims. TyreWiz allows you to make decisions that can affect rolling resistance, traction, tire wear, and rider comfort.

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There are many factors making it difficult to find the optimal tire pressure as you ride: temperature and elevation changes, terrain type, and even rider weight. With the standard tire hand pump measuring at only +/-5% accuracy, most cyclists have never experienced the impact that good tire pressure has on ride comfort. TyreWiz eliminates barriers by taking the guesswork out of tire pressure.

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TyreWiz is a lightweight and durable device that fits right onto the valve of your bike’s tire. It works by utilizing Bluetooth low energy technology to relay data right to your cycling computer and the SRAM AXS app. TyreWiz utilized LED lights to indicate when tire pressure is outside of the target range, eliminating the need to ride with a phone for those choosing to unplug.

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Updates and maintenance

Download the app for firmware updates, battery status alerts, and power analysis in AXS Web.