Bulleit x Saffron x SRAM/Zipp Collab Bulleit x Saffron x SRAM/Zipp Collab

Bulleit x Saffron x SRAM/Zipp Collab

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Bulleit x Saffron x SRAM/Zipp Recipe

1.25oz Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

1 Blended Columbus/KVA/Reynolds 953 stainless steel tubeset

1.25oz Saffron Frameworks craftsmanship

  1. Combine with silver brazing rod and intense heat.
  2. Garnish with upcycled copper plating from a Bulleit still and overcast blue/gray London sky-tinged paint. Mask off the bare metal to leave behind images of corn and rye that the whiskey was distilled from.
  3. Add SRAM RED eTap HRD groupset and Zipp 303 NSW Disc-brake wheels.
  4. Ride.

This delicious bicycle concoction started as an invitation to Saffron Frameworks from Bulleit Whiskey. It’s part of a larger Frontier Works project by the Kentucky whiskey brand to work with other artisans to collaborate in a journey of passion, discovery, making new relationships, and building creations that highlight the best of both brands. Bulleit works with artisans and makers pushing boundaries on the Frontier, with an entrepreneurial spirit similar to its founder, Tom Bulleit. In the past, Bulleit has worked with denim makers, leather makers, bakers, and more to develop these usable, or in some cases edible, works of art. For this project, they reached out to one of the most highly regarded steel framebuilders in the world, Matthew Sowter at Saffron Frameworks in London. The plan was to build a versatile bike made to stand the test of time. Something fast, but comfortable. Elegant, but not too serious. Exactly the kind of description that fits both brands like a Savile Row suit. They decided on an endurance gravel bike made from stainless steel. It was painstakingly constructed by Sowter over a two-year period. After brazing and polishing, the front end of the frame was copper plated using upcycled copper from a Bulleit Whiskey still. The paint over the copper front end and polished stainless rear end of the bike pay tribute to the corn and rye mash that Bulleit’s Whiskey is distilled from. The judges at Bespoked 2018 were so impressed with it, they awarded Saffron Frameworks with an Outstanding Finish ribbon in addition to the Best in Show ribbon it received there.

A SRAM RED eTap HRD wireless electronic groupset highlights the elegant simplicity of the bike. The group was combined with a Zipp Service Course SL cockpit and Zipp 303 NSW Disc-brake wheels, laid up by hand in Indianapolis, to accentuate the craftsmanship and modernity of the stainless steel frame and No. 22 carbon fork.

The bike will be ridden throughout the UK as Bulleit continues their collaborative journey meeting and working with other craftspeople. It will also serve as a tool to meet with other cultures and social groups, cycling clubs in particular, that are examples of people working together to combine camaraderie and passion to achieve their goals. 



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