Crankworx Scrapbook | Les Gets DH & Pumptrack Crankworx Scrapbook | Les Gets DH & Pumptrack

Crankworx Scrapbook | Les Gets DH & Pumptrack

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

20 images from two sunny days in France. Myriam Nicole, Troy Brosnan and Adrien Loron were the big winners on days three and four. 

With no Enduro at Crankworx Les Gets, Jerome Clementz had to find something to race. His 20" Cannondale includes his Signature Descendant CoLab Carbon handlebar cut down to 640mm.

When it comes to wheelsize, everyone else seems to be into going bigger, Jerome might have other ideas after his dominating win. 

No chain, no gain. To ensure no one pedals, all chains are removed before the Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge begins.

If you were a bird, this is how you'd watch the Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge. 

After a huge slam in the Dual Speed and Style, Mitch Ropelato was back on track qualifying first, and finishing third. 

Already ditched the chain, might as well take off the brakes too. Caroline Buchanan showing she ain't scared to go fast. 

The first couple of Pumptrack. 

Adrien Loron just wanted it more than anyone else — with winining on French soil as the motivation, the Pumptrack World Champion showed why he's just that. 

"Wooooooooooooo." - Adrien Loron. 

Party time. 

Blenki wearing France Cycling Federation mandated gloves. 

See those buildings in the distance? Eliot Jackson will be down there in 3 minutes, give or take a few seconds. 

Gotta get up to get down. Jack Moir takes in the view on the slow ride to the top. 

Canyon team manager Fabien Barel was crowned World Downhill Champion on the Les Gets dh track in 2004 — 13 years later he was back between the tape taking another chance at a legendary win. 

Hold it together Pompon! 

So many reasons to smile when you win in France. 

Troy Brosnan earned his first Crankworx victory of 2017 — and the first international victory for the all-new Code brakes. 

It was a big day for these guys. 

Nothing better than a cool bevy after a long day at work. 

Photos by Adrian Marcoux and Sven Martin. 

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