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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

When we designed SRAM RED eTap we did it with the goal of making it the easiest to install, most intuitive shifting system available. To that end, we’ve put together a few videos that explain how the system works, how the groupset is installed, and how to set up Blip remote shift buttons on both aero and drop bar bikes. All of the videos are available below.

For instructions on how to install our aero bike specific BlipBox along with Blip remote shift buttons or how to install climbing or sprint Blips on a drop bar equipped bike, see below:


The video below shows how to install SRAM RED eTap:


For a quick overview on how SRAM RED eTap works, watch the following video: 


For a link to SRAM’s Technical Communications YouTube Channel where all of these videos can be found along with instructions on how to service other SRAM products, please click on the highlighted link. 

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