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“It’s Just Perfect”

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Enduro World Series stars review the new RockShox Reverb 1x Remote

Watch any top-level professional athlete, in any sport, and you’re going to see a certain level of obsessive attention to detail that people do not typically exhibit in normal life. When split seconds, millimeters and personal safety are on the line, attention to the smallest detail matters. The notion of change can instill terror in the heart of an athlete.

So, when we handed out the new RockShox Reverb 1x Remote to our athletes at Crankworx Rotorua — on the day practice began — we fully expected there to be some resistance to the new product, to change. But, as it turns out, when change is awesome, and offers an advantage, everyone likes it.

Cécile Ravanel“I used the new Reverb 1x remote for the first time at the Roturua Enduro World Series race. I was given it just before practice began, and the remote was instantly accessible and ergonomic. The remote is very smooth, even after 8 hours of racing in very tough conditions in the mud. I felt the same efficiency in the lever from start to finish. I really like the new Reverb 1x remote.”

Adrien Dailly: “Regarding the new Reverb 1x remote — it's just perfect. The ergonomics are much better, the action is super soft, and I can adapt the position of my hand so it just falls on the remote.”

Yoann Barelli: “Lots of positive feedback about the new 1x remote. But the main one is that now, pressing the lever is natural — it is an extension of the thumb, and the action is smooth as hell. It took me just 3 seconds to get used to it. I love it!”

Damien Oton: “My first impression of the Reverb 1x remote was really good. I like the concave shape of the trigger; it’s really ergonomic and easy to reach. Also, the actuation feeling is much better than the older lever.”

Justin Leov: “The new Reverb 1x remote is way more natural to use and really a big improvement. I’m really into the lever feel — it works so well.”

Isabeau Courdurier: “I really like the new Reverb 1x remote. It was a real struggle for me to reach the button on the previous model as I have small hands. Now I can push it while still having a strong grip on my handlebars. Also, I found it's more precise. I like to stop my saddle on the way up in between the two positions and it's easier with this remote. For me it's safer and saves time.”

Thomas Lapeyrie: “My first impression with the new Reverb 1x Remote was, “Wow, it’s so smooth.” It’s totally not hard to push the remote. It’s a natural move for my finger to go for it. Finally, it’s a bit like video game, you’re fully focused on the trail and not the buttons.”

Click here to learn more about the all-new RockShox Reverb 1x remote. 

Photos by Sven Martin and Adrian Marcoux.

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