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Friday, October 20, 2017

In addition to the racing, music, art, and camaraderie available at Grinduro, part of the draw is the (largely) West Coast-based custom bike builder showcase on display.

Both roadies and mountain bikers are equally well suited to winning on the course that combines gravel, pavement, and singletrack. With a course as varied as this one, the bikes that are built to tackle it are as diverse as the people that race it. Mountain bikes, gravel bikes, drop bar cross bikes, flat bar cross bikes, and monstercross bikes are all equally well suited to the task, and the custom bikes on display echo the huge variety of bikes that participants are riding. 

Take a look at the gallery below for some examples of the kind of bikes being raced at Grinduro and the incredible artistry and engineering on display in Quincy, California. Most bikes were photographed in an unmolested post-race condition. While the dust hides some gorgeous paintwork, it shows that these bikes are made ultimately for one reason—to be ridden very, very hard. 

Oh, and if you aren't sure what Grinduro is all about, give the brief podcast below a listen.

All photos by Jordan Clark Haggard.

W.H. Bradford framebuilderBrad Hodges poses with the bike he built.Tony Pereira of Breadwinner Cycles poses with the bike he built and raced on at Grinduro.Adeline O'moreau with the Mercredi mountain bike she built and raced. That first place medal isn't for the bike, it's for her. She won the Grinduro Scotland Under 30 Women's race.

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