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Rampage Perspective | Andreu Lacondeguy

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Downloading the thoughts of heroes.

There is no other mountain bike event in the world that stirs as much emotion and curiosity as Red Bull Rampage. Sure, there are races against the clock that reward ultimate fitness and speed. And there are epic endurance tests that are designed to test what a human athlete can withstand. Closer to Rampage, there are slopestyle events that showcase the most stylistically perfect rides down a beautifully engineered course. And then there’s Rampage.

Rampage, and its larger-than-life natural terrain, is special in its ability to speak to the imagination of almost every mountain biker. No, the rider who pulls on the spandex every weekend, and whose goal it is to keep both wheels on the ground, won’t relate to the famous canyon gaps. And the kid who’s just coming up to speed at the local dirt jumps probably can’t begin to grasp the severity of some of the steep and technical lines. But everyone who turns out — or tunes in — to Rampage can relate on some level to what they’re seeing. Apprehension and accomplishment are relative experiences — and they’re universal.

Have you ever wondered what the heroes of Rampage were really thinking? How they felt about their runs, the judging, the event as a whole?

We asked our athletes a few questions. Their answers might surprise you.  

Second up: Andreu Lacondeguy | 2nd | 95.75

SRAM: Describe Rampage in ONE word.

Andreu Lacondeguy: Gnarly!

SRAM: Rate your level of nervousness 1 - 10 (10 being most nervous) when you were at the top of the hill just before the start of your first run.

AL: I  was nervous on the top for sure — you just see the wind and the flags moving and it’s for sure intense up there! I would give a 9 to my nervousness level. 

SRAM: How would you score your best run?

AL: I just had one run and it was ok. I had some more on my second but someone had the idea to run the comp on a windy day at noon, just like the last 3 years. Great job!!!!

SRAM: Briefly describe what you wish you could've changed about your line/run?

AL: Just riding it would been good. I would say no wind and the opportunity to ride was what me and Aggy needed.

SRAM: Whose run was your favorite? (Okay to say your own)

AL: I liked a lot of the runs... every rider has got a different style and a different way to read the mountain. At the end, there’s only one winner, but with a better format a lot more riders would celebrate after runs. I liked Semenuk’s line and I for sure liked Zink’s! Too bad the judges where looking somewhere else.

 Photos by Adrian Marcoux  


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