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Built for the latest breed of trail and enduro bikes to downhill and park rigs that leave room in the budget for a season pass at the local hill. All the benefits of the Super Deluxe Coil package in a shock that's as easy to understand as it is fun to ride.

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  • Consistent, coil-spring performance
  • Independently tunable compression circuits / checked rebound
  • External rebound damping adjustment
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Some variations of this product featured on this page are not available for purchase and are installed on bicycles as original equipment only. See your dealer for details.



Eye to eye / Travel 185x47.5(TR), 185x50(TR), 185x52.5(TR), 185x55(TR), 205x57.5(TR), 205x60(TR), 205x62.5(TR), 205x65(TR), 210x47.5, 210x50, 210x52.5, 210x55, 225x67.5(TR), 225x70(TR), 225x72.5(TR), 225x75(TR), 230x57.5, 230x60, 230x62.5, 230x65, 250x67.5, 250x70, 250x72.5, 250x75
Air volume n/a
Damper Type n/a
Rebound tune M
Compression tune M
Lockout force n/a
Shaft Hardware Bearing, Standard
Body Hardware Bearing, Standard, Trunnion
Volume reducer n/a

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It’s like having a personal tuner in your pocket. RockShox TrailHead App is the starting point to get your suspension dialed in for the perfect ride. Tuning recomendations, upgrade information, and service support all in your hand.

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