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Zipp advanced development engineer Dave Morse joins the show to explain Zipp's use of "hookless" tubeless rim design for wheels including the 303 S and 303 Firecrest. The hookless, also called tubeless straight side, design is a vital component of Zipp's Total System Efficiency approach to optimize wheels for great speed. Dave takes us through the basics of hookless, from how the tire stays on the wheel to how hookless effects rolling resistance. The show starts off with Zipp design engineer Mike Vittorio provide a basic overview of the differences between hookless, traditional clinchers, and tubular wheels in a response to an Ask Zipp question. If you would like to learn more about hookless compatibility, check out our hookless tire compatibility chart.

Listen to podcast or watch our short video on hookless technology below:


The Zippcast · All About Hookless Technology


Zipp Hookless Technology