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Zipp’s all-around Speed Weapon is ideal for fulfilling our sole mission—making you faster. On every terrain. In races, gran fondos, every ride. The 454 NSW, the pinnacle of performance, utilizes a biomimicry-inspired 53/58mm SawTooth rim shape that reduces aerodynamic drag and side force. Every wheelset in the 404 family achieves low aero drag with high crosswind stability to carry athletes to victory or personal bests in every kind of event and situation – every triathlon distance, breakaways, field sprints, and hilly finishes. Available in Firecrest and NSW, rim or disc brake, tubeless clincher or tubular.

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404 Firecrest Tubeless Disc-brake

454 NSW Tubeless Disc-brake

454 NSW Tubular Disc-brake

$976.00 - 1029.00 USD
$1899.00 - 2321.00 USD
$1899.00 - 2321.00 USD
Rim Depth 58mm 53/58mm 53/58mm
Internal Width 23mm 23mm na
Hub ZR1 DB Cognition DB V2 Cognition DB V2
Weight 1559g 1428g 1463g
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