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The 808 family is our all-out-aero offering. The biomimicry-inspired 858 NSW is Zipp’s favorite aero weapon for triathlon, time trials, or whenever you want to pep up your bike with a boost of speedy bling. It’s pure engineering science for a rim shape that’s optimized for the ultimate in speed and stability. The 858 (undulating 77/82mm depth) or 808 (82mm) pairs perfectly with the Super-9 Disc for tris and TTs, or run double 808/858s for road speed. Available in Firecrest or NSW, rim or disc brake, tubeless clincher or options for tubular.

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808 Firecrest Carbon Tubeless Disc-brake

808 NSW Carbon Tubeless Disc-brake

858 NSW Tubeless disc-brake

$1326.00 - 1530.00 USD
$1550.00 - 1950.00 USD
$2000.00 - 2400.00 USD
Rim Depth 82mm 82mm 77/82mm
Internal Width 19mm 19mm 18mm
Hub ZR1 Cognition Cognition
Weight 1917g 1870g 1773g
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