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What makes a Zipp wheel a Zipp wheel? Innovation and design do, for sure. But another critical component is testing and verification. The Zipp factory in Indianapolis is home to an extensive test lab, where Zipp wheels are subjected to extreme conditions of all kinds to ensure they’re ready for you. In this episode of the Zipp Speed Podcast, content manager Daniel Lee talks with Senior Test Lab Technician Troy Howell about how he and his team test and evaluate Zipp wheels. We discuss the test team’s approach and goals. We also highlight specific tests, including Zipp’s new RollingRoad in the lab and the rise of real-world outdoor testing. You’ll also learn how the Indy test lab is part of the SRAM Global Test Team.

But before we bring in Troy, we want to remind you that you can check out our past episodes on your favorite podcast platform or just by searching for Zipp Speed Podcast. Our recent episodes include a discussion with Zipp Design Engineer Ben Waite on rim depth and width on wheel selection and with Ashton Lambie on the technology and training behind his world pursuit record and title. We also have podcasts on specific new Zipp wheels, including the 101 XPLR gravel wheel and the 353 NSW Tubeless.

Photos by Joe Vondersaar


The Zippcast · Inside the Zipp Test Lab